Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blockbuster Battle - Part Two

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I recently terminated my subscription to Blockbuster home delivery, after they enacted new policies at the local level which resulted in my receiving NO deliveries. Details here.

I wrote to corporate headquarters, and last Friday, I received a reply.

If you have trouble focusing on the above image, basically, they acknowledged the problem, and have responded by adding a soon-to-be-implemented option to the delivery methods. The customer will be given a choice - fast delivery, or delivery of specific titles at the top of the queue, which may involve a longer wait. This is what customer service is about -- Listening to the customer, and fixing the problem.

I plan on re-instating my subscription to Blockbuster. In the interim, I found that my brief encounter with Netflix was trouble-free, but my sense of customer loyalty and fairness compels me to switch back to Blockbuster.

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Lydia said...

You know what?

I LOVE your sense of customer loyalty and fairness.

If you're going to write a letter and they try to fix it, you should give them a chance.

I salute you! :)

WV - HIddings. I hope there's no hiddings clause in the agreement allowing Blockbuster to steal your soul