Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bill is Gone

It's a sad day. My friend - everybody's friend -- Bill Pokel - died suddenly yesterday.

He was an elementary school principal in a central Wisconsin town. I met him in college, through my buddy Norman. He was a nut case like the rest of us - never taking life too seriously, and yet that was the most serious part of it all. Through mirth and mayhem he helped the University of Wisconsin Marching band maintain its reputation for wild fun.

Bill once traveled down to Milwaukee to see a play I had written. He starred in many community productions in his own area, and so it was quite an honor to have him attend one of ours.

And as an educator, he wanted all the students within his reach to share in the joyous transformation that can be worked upon the world through the arts.

Bill's final lesson - appreciate people while you have them with you.

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leslie said...

Sorry for your loss. ;(

And if you don't COME BACK TO TWITTER I'm going to have to ask you to change your siggy line here. ;(