Monday, October 11, 2010

Written Excuse

Sorry not to be posting here on Excelsior - I was on a personal mission. It's so rare that I get to work on a video edit until it's done without some home-repair thing breaking down. I'm a constant slave to that evil and cruel deity Yugata, when I'd rather be a willing servant to the fair goddess Yuwana.

I'm rather proud of the following video, promoting an upcoming concert. It was done with a home camcorder and a scaled-down home video editing program called PowerDirector. There are about 100 individual steps to comprise these two minutes, but all that counts is the end product, which, although still a bit clunky, is the best editing i've done to date. Views best in full-screen mode.

It's so much better than the last attempt at promoting this fine group ( ). The quality of the video I had to work with was far superior, because at least I had a tripod to steady things, even though the zoom was not working properly.

However, the improvement is due mostly to suggestions from life-long TV guy, and my best friend since first grade, Norm Lorenz. Check out his blog at Norm will be back after his computer is fixed. Someone clicked on a Global Warming email, and the carbon footprint was enough to overwhelm his virus checker and paralyze his hard drive.

And, since my voice-over wife was too busy to record the tracks this weekend, (don't worry, she'll never find me here on Blogger!) I had to raise Richard Nixon from the dead to do the announcement clips..

Come to the show, November 5th, if you're in Wisconsin!

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Lydia said...


I love the circles with the photos in them especially.

I wish I could come see it!

I love that you still have your BFF from first grade - sweet!

super disturbed that my WF is sCENSUSl