Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Next Chapter - Alana

Alana. It's Alana. The name of the new store on Kinnickinnic Avenue in Bay View, in the Joyce Skylight Court is Alana.

Since we completed the rehabilitation of the Joyce Skylight Court, we have been waiting for the business climate to improve to the point where people can once again have the confidence to take a business risk. While we were waiting, Joyce thought it would be an ideal time to try out a life-long dream of hers. Since the shopping center was sitting there costing taxes anyway, why not launch a ladies' clothing store in one of the units? It would be a show of confidence in the community, and would encourage other businesses to rent the other available units.

.... And so, we present -- Alana!

"Alana" means "the precious awakening". The name is derived from German and Hawaiian roots, a derivation of "Helen" (Joyce's mother) and "Alan" (Joyce's husband's middle name. That's me).

Joyce is more than qualified for this new role, having spent her entire life in the fashion industry. She has hand-selected an assortment of clothing and accessories from select fashion designers which meet her own high standards. Joyce knows how to make you look good.

I've been busy with the thousands of details which don't fall directly into the fashion category, but are all necessary - occupancy licensing, graphic design, web site design, credit card processing setup, store fixture acquisition, not to mention travel arrangements and communications (Joyce does NOT email). And getting Joyce in contact with designers and trade shows to select the merchandise. Thousands of details remain, and yet, somehow we will open in December, without having to quit my "day job".

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Leslie Hanna said...

Are you telling me your initials are G A G ? :D

Congrats on Joyce's store! And good luck with this holiday season!

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