Friday, May 6, 2011

Alana's Poster-Child

This picture hangs on the wall of the studio where we hold our concerts.  It is a blown-up newspaper clipping of a modeling series my wife Joyce was doing a few years back at Villa Terrace, a local millionaire-mansion turned museum/concert hall.  At the time, she was working as a photo model for Boston Store and Marshall Fields, but I believe this particular photo was done by a reporter, as a story on Joyce rather than the clothes she was selling for her employers.

This year, she started her own clothing store, Alana Women's Apparel, in part of a shopping center that we have been creating in a rehab space.  She was wondering if the photo, one of her career favorites, could be incorporated in abstract terms into her store logo.

She posed the question to Tom Hoffmann, a Bay View artist acquaintance from her fitness gym, and Tom came up with the following rendition, based on the photograph.
 Also a sleek black-and-white version: 
And so, another legend is born.  I love you, Joyce.
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leslie (crookedstamper) said...

This is really, REALLY nice.

And I see you don't even PRETEND to tweet any more. :( We miss you.

Lydia said...

This just completely amazes me.

And I'm saying this AFTER the rapture!!! :D

WV: fultne - I didn't fultne different after the rapture