Friday, November 25, 2011


After more than 50 times around the old Carousel of Time, it's just one of those days where, as Paul Simon says, I "hung one more year on the line".  Got the paper in while the computer was warming up.  Syd the cat was checking in a new consignment of dried leaves that blew in the door.  And then, I went to my desk, and my computer was full to overflowing, a cornucopia of birthday greetings!.  

From all over the world, and I mean - all. over.  the. world., my gang of friends - those crazy people that I quack together with every day in Facebook,  Twitter, and emails.  We share thoughts, greetings, events, we help one another find the humor in our common experiences.  Social media friends are different than other people you run into.  They are there only because they want to be there. 
From Germany (GMT+1) came the first one, arrived when it was still yesterday here (GMT-6).  And they just kept coming - Texas, Birmingham, DC, Kansas, Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Watertown, Muskego, even some from right down the street in Milwaukee.  Overwhelming!  

Thank you all, my friends - Love You All!

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