Friday, May 9, 2014

Music in the Celestial Spectrum

This is beyond accordion music. The 21st Century Accordion Ensemble is not just your everyday stage full of flailing reed-squeezers. Their arrangements are written by virtuoso Bayan accordionist Stas Venglevski. The precision of the execution (under Stas's direction) is breathtaking.  And then to have Milwaukee's foremost chanteuse, Robin Pluer, join them onstage as a surprise guest - - well, let me tell you, the musical high point of the year, and I'm talking goosebumps and emotional clouding of the camera viewfinder.

All I can do is stand by and humbly whisper "Thanks".

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Samantha Mozart said...

This is breathtaking. Sent chills up my spine. There's something about Robin Pleur, especially -- her music/singing comes from her soul.