Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The "4th of July" Parade - Independence Day. Childhood memories, family traditions, and perhaps a quiet moment of patriotic reflection - examining the ideal and renewing our responsibility, because liberty is a constantly created privilege, and not an entitlement. It is a delicate balance not maintained by trampling on the liberties of others. "I pledge not to take yours, and you will certainly not take mine."  

Or as General John Stark, a revolutionary general from New Hampshire put it: “Live Free or Die. Death is not the worst of evils.” 

Here's a take on our annual Independence Day Parade, set to excerpts from one of my favorite compositions "Night Passage" by Kamran Ince. I was trying out a new version of my favorite video editor "Power Director 12" by LG. I highly recommend it, it's versatile, and inexpensive - Power Director gets the most from your computer.

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Samantha Mozart said...

I grew up in Philadelphia, and had the good fortune of my aunt's taking me to Independence Hall when I was 4. I saw the Liberty Bell and learned how we Americans fought for and won our freedom. A miracle. And, so, I have been deeply patriotic nearly all my life. Our Independence Day parades always make tears well in my eyes.

Thanks for sharing yours, and I like the soundtrack. You have introduced me to a new composer, and I see they have his music on Classical Archives.com, where I am a member, so I shall listen to some of his works. It is a he, right?