Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Innocent Bystander

Instinctively, we're heroes.

Story: Seattle Bank Teller Loses Job After Thwarting Heist

Last Tuesday, Jim Nicholson, a 30-year-old bank teller was working at his job as a bank teller in a Key Bank branch at Seattle, Washington. A man in dark clothing and sunglasses came into the bank, and demanded money. Instead of handing over money, as the bank's company policy dictated, Jim followed his instincts and sense of basic justice. Jim hopped the counter, and confronted the would-be robber. The robber fled, with Jim in pursuit. Within 2 blocks, Jim tackled the man in dark clothing and sunglasses. 29-year-old Aaron J. Sloan was brought down to the sidewalk, with the help of a passerby. Jim took him down, and held him until the police arrived.

Two days later, Jim was fired from his job. Although Jim had been trained in the company policies of the bank, Jim admitted "They tell us that we're just supposed to comply, but my instincts kicked in and I did what's best to stop the guy".

Seattle Police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb believes that "...Generally speaking, it's best to be a good witness". Well, don't we get a good sloppy lick on the hand from McGruff the Crime Dog for being such a good witness!!! Let's all just stand by and watch while the guys with the sunglasses and dark clothing steal from us. Just be able to describe the exact shade of black he was wearing, and perhaps give some identification of what brand of sunglasses the assailant is wearing! That's a good citizen!

Then comes the most outrageous statement of all, from the bank president. "Money, which is insured, can be replaced. Lives cannot." Money is insured. The money which people work so hard to save and accumulate, and then trust the bank to manage for them. This money is insured. By whom? BY THE GOVERNMENT. And where, praytell does the government get this money? From the very people who work so hard for each dollar, even those dollars which are confiscated by the government. Money is unimportant, because if someone takes it, the government will give you more. And isn't that the very attitude that got our country into the horrible state that robbed most of us of half of our pensions?

So, aren't the so-called "innocent bystanders" the ones partially to blame? They are the ones who stand by so innocently (some would say STUPIDLY) because that's what they're trained to do? What makes such a life so valuable? A passive life in which nothing is precious enough to fight for -- nothing worth taking a risk for -- what makes such a life so precious? Whatever....that's what they say, isn't it .... What Ever!

Jim's instincts kicked in, and so did the instincts of the unidentified passer-by who helped take down the man with the shades. The man with the shades was the primary villain of the day, but those who stand by day after day, in a state of indifference to the injustices around them -- they are guilty, too.

It's time to listen to your instincts, before your last shred of will and determination is sapped from you by the greed of those who systematically take from you.

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