Monday, August 17, 2009

The Parking Lot Pirates - ARRRRR!

This item is more of local interest, so our nation-wide and world-wide readers will have to bear with us. Still i'm sure you've all got municipal "servants" who love to impose things on other people and then make exceptions for themselves. Bureaucrats and elected officials make rules for "you people" that they themselves don't feel compelled to follow. I'm sure Milwaukee is not the only place where this happens, is it?

Just so happens that in this case, our Mayor was assaulted on the way to his car. He had been attending the Wisconsin State Fair, and his car was parked on a STREET in a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. and NOT in an expensive government parking lot. So, he's been officially BUSTED for HYPOCRISY. Shame on you, Mr. Barrett! (and a speedy recovery, we don't really hate you ;>

since Journal Sentinel doesn't print most of the letters they receive, I share here:
cc: my letter to
Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Summerfest: $15 parking fee
Ethnic Fest: $10 parking fee
State Fair: $10 parking fee
Zoo: $10 parking fee
Art Museum: $10 parking fee

It costs the citizens plenty to park at the various government-subsidized venues for the Recreation of the Common People. Consider this: In addition to the parking fees, there are also hefty gate admission charges to these facilities and events. Aren't these extraordinary parking fees a bit prohibitive? Ask Mayor Barrett - Rather than pay these outrageous fees, he parks on Orchard Street to go to the State Fair!

gary a guetzlaff, private citizen
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Lydia said...

$15??? Ru serious??


Leslie Hanna said...

That's highway robbery!