Monday, January 3, 2011

aL aL aL aL AF!

I always liked this decoration - everybody sees it differently, but you can't hide the message. Some people overlook the defects and say "Noel!" And of course there are some who will point an accusing finger at it and say "No 'L'" So, we are all saying the same thing, each in our own way. We can all get along. Hope yours was a peaceful and joyous as ours was.

But then comes New Year's Day. In our own eccentric Perfoot of Happineff, we have guests on New Year's Day - everyone who helped with our community concert series over the past year gets invited for Dinner and a Show. Yup, there's a little work involved there.... My wife does all the days of planning and cooking, and I do all the production/staging/cleaning, etc.
We eat very well, Norm and Karl keep the champagne fun going on at the bar, and then we all sit back and enjoy or perform in a great musical show: Love and Joy. Everyone who is there is there because they want to be there. Our show featured a Gypsy violinist, a Flamenco guitarist, a lady who used to perform for the troops with the USO, a Welshman singing a very authentic Auld Lang Syne, a composer performing the world premiere of one of her new songs, and Norm and Gary played "Would You Like to Swing on a Star?" . This is what it's all about - the Joy of music. And then, when the last auld acquaintence is forgot, when the last horn is tooted
We settle down to a nice warm kitchen full of dirty dishes!
After the last Navidad is properly Feliz-ed, after the last Merry Gentleman's dismay is banished, we bring out the boxes, time for the De-Christmasification of our little world. It's Beginning to look a Lot (Less) Like Christmas. Time to reel in the Holly. Take down the stockings from the chimney with care. Store Bing Crosby on the archive server, and bring out the Beatles. Time to get to work. Visions of Yet Unstored (artificial) Sugar Plums dancing in my head for days to come. Keep the snow blower out, but gather the garlands, un-don the gay apparel everywhere, and wonder where did we get the energy to put all this festive bling up in the first place. Everytime you hear a bell ring, it's because you forgot to put the @#$& in the box!
And next year, we'll do it again!

Peace and Prosperity to all my loyal readers, and you three know who you are!

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