Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dancin With Mrs. PowerFlite

It's almost the end of Paint-Up F ix-Up Month here on KK. If my wife had anything to say about it, Every Month would be Paint Up Fix Up Month. But when February kicks in, we've got so much going on, that the "home improvement" projects are shorter and more self-contained, and usually in response to an emergency. Some times of the year it takes something on the order of water cascading through the ceiling to get the attention of our understaffed (one) maintenance department.

The latest project - a vacant rental unit. "The Real You" fitness training organization has moved to Las Vegas, we wish Mikey all the best at his new venue. But to keep those dear old Rent Checks coming in, we have to find a new tenant. And so, it begins - 1,040 square feet of cleaning goodness!There's a bunch of miscellaneous interesting goodies and equipment left behind -
some cool ab-smashing pull thing that mounts on a door for people who don't get their exercise naturally,
some dumbbells (the iron ones not the kind with the orange aprons at Home Depot),
a water cooler (maybe we can get it to run on beer), a boat anchor (HUH? WTF - he had a BOAT in here?), a small landing net.

Craig's List Time!
Then there's the debris

and finally the Main Event. Stripping the wax, scrubbing, waxing. Good Thing I have the PowerFlite 350, the most powerful rotary floor scrubber known to man. Oh, well this project has better music. In the janitor's closet is an old cassette player, and a Folger's coffee can full of assorted radio programs I recorded in the mid-90s. Alternative music 15 years later is interesting.
See ya later - I'll show ya a picture when it's done!

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