Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Because They're Your Friends

It was the grand opening of ALANA my wife's women's apparel shop.  Besides validating her confidence in the clothing items she had chosen, the Grand Opening also showed us how important good friends are.  Many people came to the celebration not for the clothing, but as a gesture of friendship. 
Here's Hendy (coming in with Bette) just to say "hi".  Bette donated a one-hour performance of old favorite songs, and Hendy sang a few numbers of his own
and Karl, a retired engineer from, guess where . . .  He enjoyed the music and a hot juicy cup of coffee.  Karl presided over our concert series, a few weeks back, while we attended the wholesale market in Chicago.  And, he fed the cats!  He's got Syd's vote...
A L is a musician with multiple bands in the Milwaukee area.  He and Kathy dropped in to see how things were going.  Kathy had a look around the store, but A L went out front, where Winston was waiting.
Winston wanted to come over and wish Joyce a good start with her business. He barked in the door but didn't want to come in.
Good friends make good things possible.

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leslie (crookedstamper) said...

Good friends are the BEST! Glad the opening went well!