Friday, April 1, 2011

Alana - One Week Away!

In just a week, we'll be opening Joyce's new store.  They applied the sign to the windows this week:

Joyce is busy at arranging, pricing, unpacking shipments, and planning the Grand Opening reception.

Here's Dave the Sign Guy.  He's always got the state-of-the art technology at his fingertips.  Even when on vacation, he's checking up on the hi-tech advertising display systems in places like Vegas.  He does all our signs.  We have an electronic marquee, many metal litho-like signs, and the main facade of the Joyce Skylight Court -- All by Dave at Signarama.

And me, I've got half the parts for replacing the Demon Valve - still waiting for the circuit board, and hope it comes in time.  And cleaning, waxing floors, moving furniture, assembling, window washing, installing phone jacks, and trying to set up the computer stuff, credit card processing - keeping out of trouble.

I've started a page on Facebook for "Alana Women's Apparel". I'm new to Facebook, and, apparently, in order for the page to achieve super-powers, it must have at least 25 "Like" votes. Nothing personal, but if anybody who reads this has a Facebook account, could you please click over to the Alana Women's Apparel page and "Like" it? 

Also, check out the new blog -  Joyce hopes to post new arrivals, fashion coordination tips, and reminiscences of the modeling industry.

The New Face on KK - It's a whole new adventure!


leslie (crookedstamper) said...

Big times! So excited for both of you!

Lydia said...

Congrats!! Sending Facebookies now! :)

WV - foxlyt

I would look like a foxlyt in some of Joyce's clothes!