Friday, July 8, 2011

Remember Remembering?

In the 1960s there was a strange trend.  Artificial Good Old Days.  There was a vaguely defined era of nostalgia created in the 1960s - a longing for a day that never existed.  The time and place resembled Mayberry, USA approximately 1910 or so.  People in this world did not work, and went strolling through the park, and had concerts in the gazebo, and everything was peaceful and good.

The start of it was the Beatles' creation Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  With all their military regalia (peace-time military, of course!) and their martial tempos, they asked such musical questions as "Will you still feed me when I'm Sixty-Four? "  Well, Sir Paul at 64 looks pretty well-fed, so I guess that all worked out for him...

At the time (1968-or so) other bands jumped on the Band Wagon, and many became popular for the nostalgic tinge they added to their music (Mama Cass comes to mind.)   And more "New Old-Fashioned" songs were created.   Winchester Cathedral  was one of those songs which enjoyed #1 on the charts. Trivia question:  What was The New Vaudeville Band's second hit?

Every year at the end of our concert season, we have a show of summer-related songs. Sometimes I have to go it alone, but this year, I was lucky enough to have five people in the show. Here's a fun moment from that show, featuring Frederic Stein on the vocals.  Vo Do De Yo Doh!

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