Friday, March 9, 2012

Iframe - Window to Anywhere

I stumbled upon an interesting HTML gadget today.  I was looking through a Quote of the Day web site  that I use on my Google page, and they offered a way to "take it with you", like an HTML Doggy Bag

the code is this, copy it into your web page - I couldn't quote the code in a cut-and-paste format, because the Blogger keeps interpreting the code and erring out, so here's a picture, or go to the source code of this page or to

it looks like the following when you preview the page.  (i hope it's the same on your browser) And this is not just an image, it is a live link to the page - it will change as the remote web page changes. So, the next time you read this, the examples will have all changed, if the destination web pages have changed.

now, using the same code, substitute some other web address for the sre= attribute.  Use ANY web address, and it will come up in a little window with a scroll bar, sort of like a window into another web site.

oops, i just noticed that I didn't put up the current concert calendar! That will change when I get home today.

And, we can "phone home"

check out the Old Dry Goods Store

or visit your neighbors:  (hope Lydia doesn't mind) Hi, Lydia!

Have fun!

Thanks for listening and contributing. I'd love to hear from you.

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Leslie Hanna said...

HA! Ain't technology grand? I have the Funny Quote Of The Day in my side-bar. I <3 it. :)