Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coyote Goes to Church

I have been threatening to get a tiny camera that I can carry with me. Sometimes I see such unbelievable things, that I'd need a photo to validate my story. I don't have a cell phone, but there must be some little camera I could put in my pocket for these constant Kodak moments. For now, you'll have to take my word for it.

This morning started out almost normal, for a church morning. I'm the organist at a Polish National Catholic church in Milwaukee. I hadn't received my hymn list via email, so I was thinking I might have to improvise with a medley of Beach Boys tunes. But the hymn list was in the bulletin, so I quickly arranged the notes, and we started.

About 10 minutes into the sermon, there was some activity below. I looked down, and there was a brown chihuahua heading down the center aisle of the church, running and barking. The owner, a tall blond-haired lady in blue jeans, following after the dog, apparently oblivious that they were in a church during a service. The lady finally realized where she was, and walked up to Father, who was, as I mentioned, giving the sermon. He stopped, and talked to her, off-mic. Coyote, the chihuahua, meanwhile went sniffing around the altar. The lady repeated an affirmation that Father gave her. After this impromptu confirmation, the lady called her dog, Coyote, and the two of them, now saved, headed back down the aisle and out the door.

Minutes later, Coyote comes trotting back down the aisle, followed by the lady. Second thoughts? This time the tone of events was a bit more agitated. When she reached the front of the church, the lady said, loudly "Coyote, take the stand!". This lady was, apparently, still out on the town from Saturday night. As before, the chihuahua went trotting dutifully around the altar, sniffing and barking. But this was now some sort of hostile hijacking of the service. The lady was gesturing and railing loudly at Father. After a few seconds, Father said, politely "I'm giving a sermon, now. It's time to go."

At this, the altar server got up to block the lady's entrance to the altar area, repeating Father's suggestion that it was "time to go". The visitor, now outnumbered, decided that it was time to go. She called to her dog, Coyote finished his reconaissance, and she and Coyote stomped out of the church.

pokojowy z wami

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Lydia said...

OMG!! Seriously??? that is quite amazing!! Does the organists loft muffle giggling? I hope so!

PS - Pokoi is peace is Russian, among other things - does that mean peace be with you?