Monday, July 20, 2009

Only Bernie Knows -- The Ballad of Bernie Madoff

Today, the first time i'm uploading a video, hope this all works.

This is from a concert that took place in our theater on the afternoon of June 13, 2009 - a whole room full of people having fun on a Saturday afternoon. A.L.'s unabashed sincerity has won over thousands of people in his long musical career in Milwaukee.

His band, One Lane Bridge, on this day includes Kathy Ratzberger, on guitar and backing vocals, and Rami Espinosa on electric guitar. That's A.L. himself singing lead and playing guitar.

Most of the songs A.L. sings in his shows are his own - Only Bernie Knows is one of his compositions. He wrote this song while watching live news coverage on a cable channel of Bernie Madoff's sentencing. We recorded this song twice. The first time I was laughing too hard to get near the camera. This is the second recording.

If you should have trouble seeing the video, the YouTube address is

A note to the ASCAP "fun police". This is an original composition, performed by the composer, produced for video with composers' and performers' permission, and uploaded with the permission of the composers and performers. ASCAP has nothing to do with this. Move along, thugs!

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SugarCain said...

Very fun performance, and I guess you did all right with the video. I had no trouble viewing it. This is the kind of song I like: funny and sad at the same time. A stress reduction for this morning. Thanks!