Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Day in My Shoes

Ever wonder what it would be like if everything that was going to go wrong in a week would all go wrong on the same day? Start the day out with a headache. An equipment delivery waiting on the dock on arrival, leaving no time for coffee -- coffee may have helped at that point.

skip the next paragraph if you don't like listening to detailed whining about work

Then find out that a miscommunication from the distributor suddenly puts you three months behind in equipment warranty extension registrations. These have to be entered manually from our database to the manufacturer's. And due to some damaged or defective Java application on the website, the program only accepts one warranty application per login. So, after each piece of equipment, I had to completely shut down the all sessions of the browser, and re-log the session.

Well, as a result of all this mandatory logging out of the computer, I couldn't maintain a decent Tweet presence. The few times I was able to log in, the talk seemed to be dominated by shoes, and by the next time I was able to look, the tweets had gravitated to feta cheese vs goat cheese. A perfectly logical transition, lady shoes >> smelly cheese >> but without me to point out this brilliant insight, the talk drifted quietly back to shoes. A silenced smartass deprived of his soap box. I'll get you back, ladies! Yes, tomorrow the shoes will be on other feet!

Upon arrival at home, I had minutes to get over to the meeting of the local Business Association. I came in late, and the item my wife and I were concerned with, a proposed mandatory Business Improvement District, was not on the agenda. Perhaps all of our opposition has paid off. A statement by one of the officers summarized the mood. He said that those who came to the meeting to voice opposition perhaps did not belong there. So, having re-read Alice in Wonderland, I considered it again. Slowly, now: anyone who voices disagreement is not welcome at the meeting? OOOOkeydokey! Future meetings should proceed a lot more smoothly without all that discussion getting in the way. We'll just all vote "yes" to everything. After all, why waste time discussing an issue if everybody is on the same side? Next time we bring the pitchforks and torches. A perfect way to end the day.

No, wait, i almost left out the good part: after I told my wife about the meeting, she said "Let the Drinking Begin!" All those in favor - say "AYE!".

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