Thursday, July 1, 2010



lots of things going on 24/7. Home life is dominated by a floor plan i'm drafting for promotion of our latest commercial rental unit (, which involves mastering a new drafting program. It's a miraculous program, to work with, but especially on our odd-shaped building, it's very time-consuming to learn it properly. (upcoming rave review post)

And at my workplace? What can I tell you? Business came up to full capacity, but my hours did not. So, happy summer! No vacation for you, fool! Well, at least there's the free things going on, the 4th of July Parade, for instance (held on Monday July 5 because they don't have parades on Sundays). Sorry, I have to work on the 5th! No parade for you, fool! And it's not overtime, either.

times have been better:

times could get better:

Lots of good stuff coming our way - stay tuned! Two upcoming original not-to-be-missed music videos!

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