Friday, July 16, 2010

Chef Food Waster

Another summer, another season of Foul-Mouth Food Waster, Gordon Ramsey. For those of you not familiar with his program, Hell's Kitchen is a competitive cooking show that seems to come around every summer, just as we thought it was gone for good. My wife makes me watch it - she claims it is her interest in cooking that attracts her. But Hell's Kitchen has little to do with fine cooking technique, and less to do with entertainment.

Hell's Kitchen follows the familiar tiresome format of turning something enjoyable into a competitive cutthroat alpha-male sport. Chef Ramsey pits the competitors against one another in various fine-dining restaurant situations. The contestants are filmed night and day as they compete, backstab, and whine their way screaming through dinner service to elimination. Contestants are chosen for maximum confrontational value, and they are eliminated or spared from elimination based on their ability to sell Toyotas and I-phones for the sponsors.

It is sickening to watch Chef Ramsey on the rampage picking food off of a plate and smashing it down on the counter, scattering it everywhere just to emphasize a foul-mouth screaming point for the audience at home. More food goes into the wastebasket every show than an average family eats in a month. How many times does the "F#$%ing Risotto" have to go into the garbage?

The well-heeled cosmopolites in the trendy urban neighborhoods in which the "competition" is staged wouldn't care if the food at which they turned up their noses is thrown away and wasted. The best for them, and to hell with the rest! If the meat is slightly over-done, or not tender enough, THROW IT AWAY!

I was brought up never to waste food. If all the food is not used, we save it for tomorrow. Meat juices become gravy, leftovers become casseroles - because food is a blessing that is not bestowed on everyone equally.

Half of the food produced in the USA is thrown away - not eaten. And yet, there are those who go hungry.

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