Monday, July 5, 2010

Stormin' Norman

Over the years, my lifelong friend Norman have been involved in many musical adventures and collaborations. Some of Norman's past bands re-unite in Madison, WI once a year, to enjoy and re-create all the music they have shared in their lives.

Here's a clip from 6/26/10. Norman is the guy in the orange apron. The guest singer is the composer of the song (I Love Children), which he wrote for his original band Swamp Thing, back in the '80's.

Among other bands Norman (and sometimes I) have been involved in over the years:

The University of Wisconsin Marching Band
The Stormin' Norman Band This Week
The Jolly Cholly's Orchestra
The Original Tegg's Tap band
The Stormin' Norman Cabaret Jug Band
Pay As You Go
Stormin' Norman and Gary with Jeff The Washboard Dude
The Gary Alan Show
Mid-Life Crisis

there are more, and if Norman sends me a complete list, I'll post it.

If it were not for music, Norman and I would both be in the loony bin.

Enjoy the video. That's Norman in the orange apron. If no video below, use:

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leslie said...

McChild?!?!! OMG. You guys are nuts! HAHAHA!