Sunday, September 11, 2011

cool cat indeed

So, there  it is.  The coolest cat in milwaukee.  Gondi the Cat.  The People came in droves to the Grand Opening of Companion Art Gallery, and in droves, they cast their votes.  Companion Art Gallery is a place where the dog and cat lovers of this world can find objects of art to enhance their lifestyle.  Local artists disiplay their creations, and can even create a unique item based on your own beloved pet.

So, after spending most of the day in a 5-foot Dalmation suit, Sandy, the founder of the gallery tallied up the audience votes. The Coolest Cat, chosen by the attendees, based on the photos submitted, was Gondi.   So, Gondi it is that will be the official Cool Cat mascot at the upcoming Bay View Bash street festival.

However, as Syd reminded me, Gondi's is not a history of a "rise to coolness", but rather, a betrayal of the Feline Mystique.  Gondi, as Syd reminded me, was a total sell-out. And this latest publicity stunt is the culmination.  I turn the remainder of this narrative over to Syd, who demanded equal time, that the true story might be told.

That's me, there in Gondi's shadow.  And let me tell you, the wind wasn't beneath his wings.....  I put up with a lot, having to do all the work, while he frittered his life away in betrayal to felines everywhere. When there was a box to be licked or a squirrel to be hated, I was right on the job.  And, where was Gondi? The photos tell the whole sad and ugly story.
the cross-species dressing
traditional holiday values would give us a glimpse of the REAL Gondi.  Not so cool, now, eh?
And completely shameless.  Look - he's actually enjoying this humiliation.  To what depths?
And this!  what depraved role-playing is this?  "'allo, I am Inspector Gondolino, may I inspect your Tuna Treats?"
Oh, now THAT's real manly - i am shocked, simply shocked.
And I've got the goods on this till-now unsolved crime. Never know when I'm gonna take a stroll down Memory Lane and show everybody MY photo album!
Oh, look!  I'm a cool cat, too.    Jealous?  me?  nawww
Just watch yer back, Gondi, Boy.  Watch yer back...

I'm Syd, your future ruler.

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Lydia said...

HAHAH - I always knew Syd was watching and waiting... Gondi must be insufferable about right now. God bless you all!! :D

WV:idiacq - what idiacq died and made Gondi cool? -Syd