Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Five Foot Dalmations and Other Signs of Fall

OK, I didn't know how to tie all these little stories together, But I knew they were somehow related.  This morning it occurred to me what the common thread was: It's the coming Equinox.  Yes, Autumn is upon us.  Those green leaves trying to sneak inside everytime you open your door.  Not the colored leaves that are the dead giveaway that Fall is upon us, but just green normal-looking leaves that don't want to be on the tree any more.  Kind of like insider trading.  They know what's coming up, and they got out while they still had the green.

The five-foot Dalmations are out leafletting - a sure sign of fall!
The street festival locks down the block every year about this time, and doesn't leave until there is a mountain of rubbish everywhere.  Of course, a little rain shower afterwards stuck everything down good so that the street sweeper couldn't suck the trash up.
 All through with your snacks and beverages, monsieurs?
Syd and Gondi arranged for a re-enactment of "Get Your Picture Taken with the Cool Cat"  Syd didn't really have time for this -- Gondi is getting a bit over-bearing since he won the contest.
And those marigolds that I planted from seed last March are just starting to get beautiful, just in time for the first frost.
 Lola has a new dress.  She was in a rather taciturn mood at press time - but I guess it speaks for itself.
Our Theatre is turned into a rummage sale, trying to raise money for the upcoming heating bills.
And to get you looking your Fall Best, visit King Tut's Wall of Bling:
Coming soon will be my favorite part of Fall - getting my hour back from those thieves at Daylight Savings Time.  I'm going to use my extra hour to take a nap!

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Lydia said...

You know what's so funny? My sleek little short haired kittens went POOF on September 18th - like DOUBLED their fur volume!!! Right when the light changes suddenly they get furry - even though it's still 100 degrees. Surely I can sell this cat calendar online somewhere right?

WV: I learned my alphos when I saw them in my soup.