Monday, December 2, 2013

what it's like

Note: Advent theme. This post was begun last spring, and finished today.

The day had arrived - Real Milwaukee was going to be doing a live broadcast from Alana Women's Apparel, my wife's store. A local news show, Real Milwaukee, chooses events and businesses that are "going on" in Milwaukee, and shares them with the viewers. We had known about the upcoming visit for a few weeks, we had arranged for some of the fashion models Joyce works with to be at the store to show off the merchandise.  I made some coffee for the models and the TV crew.  The lights were all on, the building all heated up.  We even turned on the hot water heater in the bathroom for this momentous occasion.

And, early morning, Tony and the crew arrived, the camera truck got its wireless signal, after some minor conflict with the power lines. All was ready, three minutes to show time.

But I had to get on the bus to go to work.  I work through an agency, and don't want to compromise the agency's  reputation, or mine, by excusing myself for non-essential reasons when they are counting on me.  So, I felt compelled to leave.  There was no further need for me; my job of preparation had fallen into place flawlessly. But it was a strange feeling, to have put so much time into a project, and then not be able to witness the fruition.

Taking off from the bus stop, minutes later, the bus passed the store again.  By then, the broadcast was in progress. Models were parading the clothes, Tony was holding the microphone to capture one of Joyce's observations. They were all laughing and having a good time with the viewers.  But then the bus continued on its way and I saw the store fading past my window into the distance, on to Downtown, and the job.   

So, that's what it must be like.  The things you've worked on will be taking place, as you built and organized them. If you've done a good job, there will be laughter and enjoyment instead of stress and confusion. You'll be there in spirit, thanks to the efforts you've put in. But you yourself will only be able to view the performance fading into the distance.  Without you.

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