Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jack Frost is Painting the Leaves

The first song I remember from my childhood was sung by my mother. I remember, it seemed like some miraculous transformation -- my mother was suddenly expressing a thought in a song.

I was looking out the window of our house, I was barely tall enough to see out. The leaves of the tree outside were suddenly not entirely green anymore. Instead of green, they had become yellow and red. When you're only on the second or third time around the calendar, the transformations of the seasons are a novelty - you don't get it all the first time around....

My mother came up behind me, kneeled down, and sang softly in that voice by which I have always remembered her:

"Jack Frost is painting the leaves
He's painting them all over town

He's painting them red

He's painting them yellow
And even painting them brown"

I remembered so vividly every word set to music. I questioned my mother thoroughly about who this "Jack Frost" was, and when could I watch him work... Did he use a ladder? How could he see if he painted at night? Hush, Child. Just listen to your mama.

Thanks for listening and contributing.

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