Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Witch's Polka

It seems like a long time ago, but it was only 12 years ago. I was the music director for some of the musical comedy community theater productions of the legendary Gil Shine. Time spent working with Gil was time spent learning a craft. I learned things about writing, comedy, staging, and publicity that serve me to this day. Gil is on his next assignment, now, and I'm sure that God is getting a laugh about Gil's first-rehearsal talk, the part where he says "when you're in one of my plays, I AM GOD! JESUS WAS JUST AN EMISSARY!" And I picture a row of angels, all flipping their wings in UNISON. "AGAIN -- FROM THE TOP!"

Marian always had her own sense of timing. Gil hated that, but realized what a tremendous stage presence she had. Marian could take the most unimportant role and make it into the center of attention - as those who worked with her always said "that's just Marian!". People would come to a show with Marian in it, just to see Marian.

The play from which this one-minute video is taken is a Halloween musical comedy production. A simple plot, for children of all ages. One of the witches is having her three hundredth birthday, and the other witches want to throw a surprise party for her. A running theme: Marian is always offering to play her accordion for the party but all the other witches keep telling her "NO!" . "but why?" whines Marian. And the answer is always "Because you're not any good at it". At the end of the play, the party of course, and Marian sneaks back from behind the curtain to present, as a surprise to everyone - her Polka Band. That's me on accordion, and Rob as the Mummy playing drums.

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