Monday, September 20, 2010

Moon Acre

I found this last night, while moving boxes around in the basement to build some more shelves. Yes, I own an acre of the moon. I bought it in 1972.

Wandering and wondering around Madison in the springtime of 1972, at the end of a year that left me spinning. My life had been permanently left its orbit and spun off in a strange direction, a direction which was not the direction everyone else had planned for me. Barry made me laugh, and he made me think, he ridiculed people who take themselves too seriously. So I bought a moon acre. And I've never regretted it.

A man in a silver space suit, Barry McArdle, was selling real estate on the moon. The moon. Why was a lunatic in a silver suit allowed to sell entire acres of the Moon for only one dollar per acre, and only one acre per customer? Barry answered the question himself: Why not me?

Thank you Barry. Although I may never get to walk on my moon acre personally, someday, somebody's gonna be walking on my acre of the Moon!

Barry wrote a book about his adventures on earth. I'm going to buy it.

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leslie said...

Wow! Maybe I'll come visit you ON THE MOON!

Lydia said...

Awesome - can I get a time share?