Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remembering Marian

Marian left us this Winter. For so many years, she was the one who always made you laugh in our Theatre on KK presentations. For those who never met her, her stage presence can only be compared to Lucille Ball. As soon as Marian took the stage, you laughed with her, you knew her, and you related to her.

Last Sunday we hosted a gathering here at the studio. Many who had worked with Marian on stage, and many who had just enjoyed her performances were there, with some of Marian's family members, and it was an afternoon of remembrance and celebration of a life that had brought so much joy into our own lives. We watched a half-hour of video clips from some of her best productions. Below is a link to a 9-minute condensation of this show. If a video doesn't enable below, use this link:

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Lydia said...

I think one of God's greatest gifts is the gift he gives some people to make us laugh.

RIP Marian.