Saturday, March 26, 2011

Demon Valve - Part Two of Three

A few days ago, I talked to Moen Company's Help Line about a problem with an automatic flush valve. The help line took me through some diagnostic procedures that left an inch of water on our commercial bathroom floor. Thursday night, I tried it again. I called the help line again.

Since I still didn't know the model number, I told them, "I don't have the model number, but I have a picture of the valve on my web site." The rep was interested, so I directed him to to be exact

"There's a picture of some ladies clothing."
"That's it!"
"Demon Valve?"
"Yes, just page down."

He recognized the valve, and I think he took time to read the post, and decided that he could provide better service than his co-worker had, the other night, especially if it was going to be so, er, out in the open...

Moen will be sending me a replacement circuit board and solenoid to replace the defective one.

Part Three: Installing a new circuit board... Next week, we hope.

Also, a P.S. on the missing roofer. Although the insulation is still dripping from the soaking it got, the roofer came and did some repair work, inside and up on the roof. One can only hope.

Hope (noun) "Here, Charlie Brown, I'll hold the football, and you can run up and give it a good kick!"

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