Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Got No Money Oh But Honey Ain't We Got Fun? ♪ ♫

This past winter, I found out something about my employer. Business dropped off due to the Obamanation of America. And when the chips are down, I discovered that my employer will pitch employees overboard, rather than make an effort to restore business volume. Our competitors deployed survival tactics (ads, sale prices, etc.) and are almost as busy as ever. But my company chose to chop. They reduced everyone's hours, reducing our capability to respond to customer inquiries, thereby in my opinion withdrawing from the market altogether. And the employees are trying to make ends meet on as little as ten percent of their former income. My office compadre and I were reduced to three hours per day, though the workload was not correspondingly reduced - things pile up - (my job is 80% overhead operations, and 20% dependent on business volume.)

So, seeing how very valuable I was to my employer, I applied for unemployment for the missing hours (they hate that!), and started job hunting. That's where my discretionary time has been going. Sad to say, the job hunt took all my social networking time. Well, after a month I discovered that posting on Excelsior was more than just a social outing - it is essential to my mental health. And last week, I started posting again - my apologies to all the regular readers, (and you three know who you are!) So, that's the news from Gary Land, now, still job hunting, not tweeting yet, but i'll find a way to get back. . .

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leslie said...

Take it easy, Gary. We'll be here for you when you get back. And GOOD LUCK!

PS: I wonder if your three readers are the same as MY three readers ...

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