Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sara the Cat

Sara was born in a lumber yard I worked in in the mid-70s. She had five brothers and sisters, but Sara was the smartest of the lot. Katie was her mother, a wise old calico cat. I used to travel by bicycle in those days, and Sara began riding with me on my shoulder. She would howl a lot, just trying to clear the way, I guess. It was like having a siren. Sometimes she'd hang on too hard, or maybe she was trying to steer, but she always had to ride along!

At home (in my parent's basement at the time) she'd want to get out now and then. Dr. Wagner took care of that "wanderlust" thing, but she still liked the glamorous outside city life. She had a favorite spot - one of Benny's shrubs. Benny was our neighbor, and he had a lot of bird feeders out his window, right next to the shrubs. Birds would come from all over to sing to Benny. Sara enjoyed the concerts, too, and there was plenty of exotic food during intermission. But Benny didn't want Sara in his yard - she ate too much, I guess.... Sometimes she'd even pack a "doggy bag" and bring home a live bird, and release it in the basement for a "private concert".

And I'd get these calls from the neighbor. "Your dam cat is on the roof again!" I don't know how she got up there. I'd call her, and she'd come to the edge of the roof and howl, as if to say "I can't get down! Please rescue me!" So, I'd have to get the damn ladder out and lean it against the house. Sara, curious about the ladder, would walk down to safety, usually by herself.

So, if Cat Heaven has a roof, that's probably where Sara is now. Somebody get the dam ladder!

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