Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gravy Train!

Many times in the past week, state and local politicians have been promoting ideas that will save the taxpayers money by spending unbelievable amounts of money. How is this done? How can the customer bring $60,000,00 worth of stuff to the checkout counter, and only be charged $30,000,000? How is this possible? Matching funds from the Federal Government!

Allrighty, then let's build us a choo-choo train to go to Kenosha. Kenosha - Every child in Milwaukee dreams of one day traveling those 40 miles to Kenosha - just because, because... well, just BECAUSE, THAT'S WHY! And now the government will make this dream come true!! Of course, the local sales tax will have to be raised -- choo choo trains are not cheap! And it's just a temporary tax! It will only be imposed as long as you have money, so after you lose your job due to the ruined economy, you won't have to pay it any more! And when you can't afford to live in Milwaukee anymore, you'll have to hitch a ride to get to the train tracks!

And here's the best part. We know you all don't have enough money to buy a choo-choo, even with your new sales tax. It's so cute watching all you little people save your pennies, even though you barely have enough money to live on, what with your reduced work hours, and your closed industries, and your layoffs. So, here's the good news: For every dollar you spend on the choo-choo, the Federal Government will match your dollar -- that's right, you pay one percent of every dollar you spend on necessities to Build the Train to Kenosha, and the Federal government will match your contribution, dollar for dollar! That's right, the Federal Government will just write ya a check!

Don't you wonder where the Federal Government gets all that money? Don't you wonder how everybody can get out more than they pay in? Don't you wonder? Are you an idiot? Or are you one of the idiots who keeps re-electing this slime to your once-respected public offices?

Send me a post card from Kenosha, dumbass!

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Lydia said...

Oh. I see the bastards from the Austin City Council have made it as far as Wisconsin. What a tragedy.

We have a bullet train that taxpayers have paid for 64 times over, that doesn't WORK, that is going to ferry non existent passengers from a remote suburb to somewhere they never go - downtown.

Frigging politicians.