Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oldies for Oldies

I just got back from Walgreen's, picking up a prescription. While waiting in line, I noticed that the PA music had changed over the years. Where one used to hear the Muzak versions of standards from the Big Band Era, it's now tailored to the Boomers. And then, looking at the other people standing in line with me, hey! they were all in their fifties, and picking up on the music. It was as if the music programmers knew that we'd be there, standing in line waiting for our prescriptions. But the songs, if you stop and listen to them, have a whole new meaning, now that we're older.
  • "Now It's the Same Old Song, but with a Different Meaning ---- whooEE got that one right, Buddy!"
  • "Get your motor runnin -- Head 'er down the highway! -- no, on second thought, let's go home, that's enough for today."
  • "You Got Me Rockin and Rollin, Rockin and a Reelin Barbara Ann! Maybe it's just the meds."
  • "I'm not braggin' so don't put me down, but I got the fastest set of wheels in town, she's my little Motorized Wheelchair!"
  • "You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and I'm busted for Pedophilia!"
  • "When I Woke Up This Morning You Were On My Mind, but. now . . . I can't remember..."
  • "Wouldn't It Be Nice if We Were Older? --- NO!"
  • "Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder to Find - BINGO!"
  • "Everybody Wanna Dance With Sweet Little Sixteen . . . maybe later"
  • "It's So Neat to Meet Your Baby Where the Action Is! - and Tuesday is Senior Day!"
  • "Help! -- nuff said"
  • "My Baby Does the Hanky Panky -- In Your Dreams, Old Man"

  • ... and Walgreen's favorite

  • "We can Climb so High, and Never Gonna Die! Born to be Wild.... - Please don't die, little Boomers, we appreciate your prescription business!"

Who would have thought that "When I'm 64" could someday mean "When I Was 64"?

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leslie said...

HA! Nice one, Gary!
Miss you on Twitter. If you need bizness, just tweet now and then, mkay?