Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mall Show

Southridge Mall is a large prestigious suburban shopping center in Greendale, an adjoining Milwaukee suburb. My wife worked on the modeling staff of some of the stores there. When the mall installed their new stage in the center of the mall, a group of stores decided to "take it to the street" and put on a fashion show. A relatively large stage area was centered in the main atrium of the mall, visible from the audience seating area, and also over the balcony of the courtyard area - a spacious urban environment to show the newest fashions of the mall vendors.

(that's Joyce, front left) The day of the show arrived. It was a glamorous show, of course, well-attended by the enthusiastic mall patrons. The stage backdrop doubled as a backstage changing area for the models, and though somewhat crowded at times, they kept the outfits coming out, right on schedule with the commentary - these were professionals - masters of the quick change.
During the show, one of the models discovered something about the stage set. Something that the audience had already discovered. The backstage changing area was a series of room dividers decorated with fans, arranged into a protective corral. Nobody could see into the area where the models were frantically changing outfits - sometimes complete outfits, if you get the drift. ;> Nobody, that is, except for the people standing in the upper walkway - because the stage managers had not thought to put a ceiling on the changing area. So, that day, some people saw a fashion show, and some saw a delightful uncensored reality show! Hellooooo ladies!

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